2014-02-26 - Wednesday

Jeeves Programming Language

2014-02-13 - Thursday

Building a Python Service Stack
1 Line Art | ASCII art in one line

2014-02-11 - Tuesday

Canadian Library Association | CLA News: (02/11/2014)

2014-02-10 - Monday

ABCD WWW » Why We’re Important Again
One of these three visions could be the MLK library's future - Greater Greater Washington

2014-02-07 - Friday

Welcome — Theano 0.6 documentation
What is Black Pearl? | Learning Management Ecosystem Initiative

2014-02-03 - Monday

Academic Torrents
PXtoEM.com: PX to EM conversion made simple.

2014-01-30 - Thursday

An Empirical Investigation into Programming Language Syntax
Rascal Micro: small computers for art and science
Learnable Programming
Britt's Pickles Britt's Pickles Products
Academic Torrents

2014-01-28 - Tuesday

Running a notebook server — IPython 1.1.0: An Afternoon Hack documentation
Past issues. The R Journal
Preparing an IPython Notebook for remote access
Experience API (XAPI) - Home
Past issues. The R Journal

2014-01-24 - Friday

Datavis.ca - Papers
Cassette Tape Coffee Table, Mixtape Coffee Table, LED Cup Holders

2014-01-20 - Monday

Quick-R: Time Series

2014-01-17 - Friday

ABCD WWW » Motivation and MOOCs: How Student Expectations Shape Learning in Open Online Settings
My Other Internet is a Mirage