I started this project in 2003 so I could track what my friends were reading. Some other people started similar projects at the same time who were smarter or more savvy than I was. Their friends aren't more interesting than mine, though. So here we still are.


If you find yourself wanting to add bookmarks programatically you can use the minimal API by POSTing some JSON to http://unalog.com/entry/new. You'll need to pass along your username and password with HTTP Basic Authentication, and also need to supply a Content-type: application/json request header. Here's a minimal example with cURL:

    curl --user user:pass \
         --header "Content-type: application/json" \
         --data '{"url": "http://example.com", "title": "Example"}' \
Here's a fuller example of the JSON that you can supply:
      "url": "http://zombo.com",
      "title": "ZOMBO",
      "comment": "found this awesome website today",
      "tags": "website awesome example",
      "content": "You can do anything at Zombo.com. The only limit is yourself.",
      "is_private": true