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2005-12-01 - Thursday

Il boot via USB funziona

2005-11-17 - Thursday

Server Admin Tools: anche per OS X client

2005-11-13 - Sunday

Project Looking Glass Demo page
lg3d: Welcome to Project Looking Glass
INTERVIEW: Through the Looking Glass - a perspective on Sun's Desktop Strategy
Sun's Looking Glass 3-D Desktop
Sun Opens Its 3-D 'Looking Glass' Linux Desktop
Take a look at the Sphere
OSNews.com - Sphere XP: A 3D Desktop Replacement for Windows XP
The SphereXP - 3D Windows window manager
Metisse ScreenShots
Metisse - Unix 3D window manager
MacWarriors 3DOSX
An attempt of 3D user interface for Windows - OSNews.com
Croquet Project
Doom as a tool for system administration
Going 3D with Project Looking Glass
Slashdot - Croquet Project Releases Initial Developer Release
Croquet Project
3D-Space VFS (Visual File System)
Looking Glass - Detailed View